About Me...

      My name is Michael Bourquin and I am art teacher and Enrichment Team Leader at Mangum Elementary.  I have 20 of experience in the field of education and I have an extensive studio background in painting, sculpture and printmaking.  This year marks my 5th year with Mangum and SWS.

     I have been an elementary art teacher for my entire career, but I have extensive training and experience working with gifted and talented learners.  I hold bachelor degrees in art history and education, a master’s degree in gifted education, and I am completing my BFA in graphic design with the Art Institute in Houston.  I have a strong belief that the visual and performing arts are a vital and integral part of our common core curriculum at SWS.

     As a studio artist, I have a strong passion for finding new and innovative ways to use and place media my work.  My background keeps me in tune with the creative process, which in turn supports his craft as a visual communicator.  As a graphic designer, what distinguishes me from others in my field of expertise is that I approach and treat visual communication as entertainment and it is simple to explain why: if it isn't funny, impacting, or relevant enough, people switch the channel.  I have a special interest in digital photography, personal and corporate branding, collateral design, typography, and illustration.  I believes the road to success is trying; failure is not an option.  Although spending most of my life in Nebraska, Houston is my home and I am determined to uncover the secrets of how successful students visually communicate and share their world.  

2018 - 2019 Classes